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Comberton Fundraisers

Mother's Day Tea Parties

Fundraisers' Disco

We are pleased to inform you that Comberton Primary School has established a parental fundraising group known as the Comberton Fundraisers (you may also have heard the term PTA). The group consists of a mixture of willing parents who act as the core organising committee, other volunteers will be recruited to support the ‘running’ of events.


To support the school's new library, we raised a fantastic £5500 through raffles, discos, tea parties and selling tea-towels. We're now busy fundraising for our next project.





  • To organise a range of events and activities to raise ‘funds’ for the school and create a sense of community.

  • To use funds to support the work of the school through the provision of resources or ‘enriching opportunities’ for all pupils.



The group will consist of a mixture of willing parents and staff who act as the core organising group, other volunteers will be recruited to support the ‘running’ of events. The group’s membership will be decided each September through attendance at our first meeting.


Managing Funds Raised

All funds raised will be processed by the school’s finance officer who will follow the school’s financial procedures. Monies will be paid into the school’s bank account used for processing school fund (currently HSBC). The monies will be detailed under a separate account heading ‘fundraising’ and any costs incurred will be paid from this heading, following the processing of a receipt. A financial update report will be presented to the group at each meeting. The account will be audited on an annual basis and the results presented to the school’s finance committee.


Spending Funds Raised

Following the financial update report, discussion will be held on how to use the available funds. The discussion will focus on requests from the school, or suggestions from parents, towards the purchase of resources or contributions to activities or whether to ‘bank’ the funds at this time for future requests. Approval to allocate funds to a specific request or idea must have the support of the majority of the group and will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.