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28th March 2018

Cats Protection Talk!

28th March 2018

School Disco!

13th March 2018

Healthy Smoothies!

2nd March 2018

World Book Day!

16th February 2018

Which material will move the furthest?

13th February 2018

Pig Pancakes!

9th February 2018

Planting beans!

26th January 2018

Planting grass seeds!

Nursery have read 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' this week. The Billy Goats favourite food is grass! We shared our favourite foods and planted grass seeds. Nursery discussed what the seeds would need to grow. We can't wait to watch the grass grow (although we think it might take a while)!

23rd January 2018

Tasting goats cheese!


19th January 2018

Waterproof Materials!

We tested different materials (paper towel, paper, foil and a plastic bag) to see which would be waterproof. Most of us predicted that the plastic bag would be waterproof and it turned out to be correct!

19th January 2018

Wolf Hunt!

We searched the Nursery garden to find wolves, when we discovered this we described where we had found them using the words under, on, next to and behind. 

12th January 2018

Tasting gingerbread!

We decided we would make a smiley face if we liked the gingerbread and a sad face if we disliked it, luckily we all loved it!

11th January 2018

'You can't catch me i'm the gingerbread man!'

Nursery moved in a variety of different ways. We ran, skipped, jumped and even hopped

                                              10th January 2018                                               

What happens to a gingerbread man when we put him in water?