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Nursery Christmas Party! (15th December 2016)

Today we had our Nursery Christmas Party! We played lots of party games, had a visit from Santa, ate Christmas dinner and watched a magic show. We all had a fantastic day!

Reindeer Cupcakes! (13th December 2016)

As part of our work on Christmas, we have enjoyed making reindeer cupcakes. We shared the ingredients together and discussed these. After, we decorated the cupcakes. We were so excited to taste them!

Our First Nativity! (9th December 2016)

Today Nursery performed their Nativity, the Nursery staff are very proud of how hard they've worked. We hope you enjoyed it!

Cleaning our Teeth! (20th November 2016)

Nursery talked about what would be healthy to drink, we looked at what happened when we put an egg in water and coke overnight. We noticed that the coke had stained the egg and tried to use a toothbrush to clean this. Nursery discussed when they clean their teeth and why it is important to look after our teeth.

Healthy Foods! (29th November 2016)

Today Nursery have talked about healthy food as part of our work on 'Dentists.' We used apples, chocolate spread and marshmallows to make teeth, Nursery identified which of these foods are healthy. 

Children in Need! (18th November 2016)

Today we raised money for Children in Need, we came to Nursery dressed in spotty clothes. Thank you for all your support!

Gingerbread Skeletons! (Week Commencing 14th November 2016)

This week Nursery enjoyed making gingerbread skeletons, we shared the ingredients together and discussed these. We individually decorated our gingerbread to make it into a skeleton. Nursery have also talked about our bones and different parts of our body. We couldn't wait to take these home to show our parents/carers!

Skittles! (9th November 2016)

Today we watched what happens when we add warm water to skittles. We made a repeating pattern with the skittles and loved discussed what colours we could see.

Sparklers! (8th November 2016)

Nursery loved sharing their experiences of Bonfire Night and we discussed the importance of being safe. Today we all safely held a sparkler and enjoyed watching it sparkle and crack. 

Police Helmet! (11th November 2016)

As we have been learning about 'People Who Help Us', one of our friends in Nursery kindly brought in his grandad's police helmet. We loved trying this on and we discussed the role of a police officer.

Superheroes! (3rd November 2016)

This week Nursery have explored superheroes. We discussed ways that superheroes move and completed an obstacle course while moving like this. We loved pretending to fly!

Bubble Painting! (31st October 2016)

Today we have painted using bubbles, Nursery loved this activity. We blew bubbles through a straw and printed these onto a piece of paper. These will be displayed in the classroom if you would like to see how wonderful they look!

Police Station! (Week Commencing 31st October 2016)

This half term our role play area has been transformed into a police station. Nursery love role playing in this area, they are often found arresting the teachers!

Pizza Stars! (17th October 2016)

As part of our work on 'Footprints on the moon', Nursery have made 'star shaped pizzas.' We made sure we washed our hands and talked about why this is important.  We all cut out the star shape, spread tomato puree and added cheese. Nursery followed these instructions very well and loved tasting the pizza. Yummy!

Parachute fun! (14th October 2016)

Today Nursery used the parachute for the first time. We listened carefully to Mrs Keeling as she played the drum. When the drum was played slowly/quickly we moved the parachute to represent this. Nursery really enjoyed this and are looking forward to using it again!

Floating and Sinking (13th October 2016)

Today Nursery have been exploring floating and sinking. We watched what happened when Miss Poulsen put different objects into the water. We noticed that the heavier objects sunk and the lighter objects floated. Also, we observed how many marbles it would take to make a plastic bottle sink. Nursery made some very good estimations and we found that the bottle needed to be full to sink.

Introducing Dave and Olaf! (10th October 2016)

Nursery have gained some new classroom pets. We are all very excited and love watching the fish. Nursery have discussed our new pets and what they need to survive. We are looking forward to watching Dave and Olaf grow!

Our Sand Names (Week Commencing 10th October 2016)

This week Nursery have been practicing their name writing. Nursery have tried really hard and Miss Poulsen is very proud of us. Look how fantastic they are!

Marshmallow Igloo (6th October 2016)

This week Nursery have explored 'footprints in the snow.' We talked about igloos and their purpose. In groups we built our very own igloos using marshmallows and we discussed the texture of the marshmallows. Nursery took turns and listened to each others ideas.

Who's Been Eating My Porridge? (30th September 2016)

Nursery enjoyed listening to 'Goldilocks and The Three Bear.' We tasted porridge with different toppings, these included: jam, honey and sugar. We discussed which was our favourite topping. Yum!

Oh help! Oh no! It's a gruffalo! (Week beginning 26th September 2016)

After reading 'The Gruffalo' Nursery enjoyed making their own character from the story using 2D shapes. We discussed the characteristics of the chosen character and what shapes we could use. All Nursery children demonstrated a 'can do' attitude when trying to use scissors. Nursery are very proud of these and they have been displayed in the classroom!

Autumn Walk (27th September 2016)

Nursery have been on an Autumn walk to explore the changes this season brings. We collected a bag full of Autumnal objects and added these to our seasonal display in Nursery.

Teddy Bear Picnic (23rd September 2016)

As part of our week on 'footprints in the wood', Nursery have made their own teddy bear sandwiches and taken these on a teddy bear picnic. We had so much fun!

'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' Obstacle Course (21st September 2016)

Nursery took part in an obstacle course. We travelled in different ways and explored moving through, around, over and under equipment. We tip toed to the 'cave' and found a bear hiding!

Listening Walk (16th September 2016)

Nursery have been on a listening walk. We discussed what it means to be a good listener and the sounds we could hear around school.