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Maths At Comberton


Our maths curriculum is based on The National curriculum, introduced in September 2014, and supported by Abacus Evolve. 

This is a very practical method of teaching with pupils working with apparatus to ensure they have a good understanding of the value of numbers and how to use them.  This can be applied in whole class sessions and in small groups to support pupils' understanding of mathematical operations and patterns.

Visual Numeracy Toolkit
Some children in Key Stage 2 who struggle with mathematical concepts receive sessions which are tailored to their individual ways of learning. Often, this will mean more active and visual sessions in which the basic principles of maths are re-taught. With repetition the knowledge and understanding is remembered and applied more.

Targeted Boosters
Children of all ability levels are selected for intervention programmes which are used to support gaps in learning, to address a misconception or to teach core skills (catch up). In these groups, children will either practise their class work further or address areas of difficulty in order to improve in them. The intervention groups remain small to allow each child more time and attention. Misconceptions and areas of difficulty are also addressed in 1:1 reviews each afternoon that are responsive to the morning's lessons. 


In all key stages, children that are achieving at a high level in mathematical strands are identified and encouraged to achieve their very best.  'Challenge' activities, use of 'Nrich' problem solving and activities based on 'real life' situations are planned to extend children's learning. Children aim to master the elements of the curriculum by applying their understanding to a variety of contexts.