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School Meals

Hot school meals are provided by Shire Services Catering Company and menus are available from the school office. Meals can be ordered via the school office or your child's class teacher however payment must be sent to school by the Friday of the prior week.


All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will be provided with a free hot school meal. This means that your child can enjoy a hot school meal every day with no cost to yourself. However, in order that we don't create surplus waste, we will be requesting that you select which days you would like your child to receive their meals.


Free school meals for Key Stage 2 children can be provided as part of the Family Support Benefit Scheme for which an application form is available from the School office and is treated in the strictest of confidence. (If the pupils are attending a school trip and you are entitled for free school meals, a packed lunch will be provided for them).


During meal times, children are encouraged to maintain good manners and are ably assisted by our caring lunchtime supervisors. 


What do our pupils say?


"There are lots of choices and they are really nice to eat." - Holly 

"I like the variety of food." - Tyler

"My favourites our pizza and a roast." - Abbie

"My favourite meal is spaghetti bolognaise and I like something warm to eat at lunch." - Oliver