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Sports Premium

DETERMINATION helps us take decisions while focusing on the goals. Try, from today, to be positive even through hard times. Get inspired by the Paralympic athletes: believe in your potential, always do your best, and get all the good results that this simple exercise will bring to your life. 

Sporting opportunities are actively encouraged and developed at Comberton and our children participate in weekly lessons, coaching sessions, after school clubs and a range of competitions. Our school PE and sport development priorities are based on our school context and identified pupil need. These include:


• To increase the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity (including identified disadvantaged pupils).

• To increase the profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement.

• To increase confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport.

• To broaden the experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils.

• To increase participation in competitive sport.


School Sport Funding: 

"The government is providing additional funding of £300 million per annum to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding - provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport - will be allocated to primary school head teachers. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.


Please look at the attached documents that explain how much funding we have received, how we are spending it and what impact it is having on our school. This is a working document, so will be changing throughout the year. 

Sports Mark—Platinum!

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the School Games Patinum Award. This award recognises the sporting opportunities provided by the school through: after school clubs; house and inter-school  competitions; activities provided at break and lunchtimes as well as offering staff training. 


We have already organised our sporting calendar for this year and have a range of opportunities available—including continuing our ‘Healthy Me' school project.

Sporting Update 2018-19



Our sports clubs offered this year have included: tag rugby, football, multi-skills, netball, zumba, street dance and gymnastics - and are being enjoyed by many. We have again established Change4Life Breakfast and After School clubs as well as setting everybody the 'personal challenge' to improve their fitness levels through circuit training sessions. We've also taken some of our children to see Kidderminster Harriers play a home match against United of Manchester, Worcester Wolves basketball team compete against London Lions and Worcester netball team play one of their league matches.



Spring term 2019:

  • Our Year 5/6 netball team won the Wyre Forest District Netball league without losing a match!


  • Our girls football team competed in the south west regional finals.


  • Our Year 5 pupils performed at a dance festival.


  • Our Year 6 pupils have competed in a Sportshall athletics competition.


  • We participated in an Inclusive sports festival.


  • One of our Year 6 pupils competed in Worcestershire cross country competition representing the Wyre Forest.


Autumn term 2018:

  • Our Year 5/6 football team  competed in the Wyre Forest District league, placing 3rd out of 15 teams.


  • Our Year 5/6 children have competed against other local schools in cross country, with one of our pupils winning the Under 11 girls race!


  • Our Year 5 girls have participated in a football festival.


  • Our Year 3/4 children participated in a Tag Rugby tournament - both our A and B teams made their respective finals and we are pleased to announce our A team finished as winners! well done.


  • Our Year 4 children competed in a Quicksticks Hockey tournament and were runners up, narrowly losing the final by 1-0.


Girls' Football Tournament

Congratulations to our girls football team who competed against 11 other Worcestershire schools in a tournament organised by Kidderminster Harriers. They played in a mini league and then competed in the semi-final, proceeding to the final. It was a close match but Comberton came out on top and will now proceed to the south west regional finals in oxford in February. Well done!


South West Regional Finals - the girls traveled to Oxford on Monday 11th February and competed against teams from Bath, Torquay and Oxford. They played brilliantly but unfortunately didn't win this tournament. A great achievement though!


South West Girls' Football Finals

Sporting Review 2017-18


Netball league

Our Year 5/6 netball team participated in the Wyre Forest schools league. Each week they attended Stourport Netball Dome and played matches against 16 other local schools. After 10 wins, 3 draws and only 1 loss, we are pleased to announce that they finished a very rewarding third overall! Well done girls for your competitive, team spirit and the manner in which you have represented the school.


Dance Festival

Our Year 5 children travelled to Baxter College to participate in the Wyre Forest Dance Festival. This event included over 500 pupils (aged from Reception up to Year 13) and was a great opportunity for the children to showcase their talents. After many hours of rehearsal, they performed a very ‘lively’ and well-polished Charleston routine to ‘Sing Sing Sing’ by Benny Goodman. We received many positive reviews and our audience were definitely impressed - we were invited to perform at the Worcestershire Summer Games.



Our Year 6 children enjoyed Tag Rugby coaching sessions provided by Worcester Warriors. They developed and improved their skills as well as participating in a series of Tag Rugby games, cumulating in their end of term ‘house’ tournament. Other year groups also enjoyed football, tennis, cricket and Tri-golf coaching sessions.



Our Year 5 and 6 children competed in an inter-schools cross country championships, a district football leagues, an athletics competition and a Dodgeball event. Our Year 3/4 children competed, very successfully, in Quicksticks Hockey and Tag Rugby tournaments and some of our Year 3 children enjoyed a Tri-golf and Kho Kho event. Alongside this we’ve also held our ‘house’ tournaments and the results for the year are as follows:


1st place: Hawks

2nd place: Buzzards

3rd place: Eagles

4th place: Falcons


It has been a ‘sporting’ year and we have provided a range of opportunities for the children to  participate in. Our after school sports clubs have been incredibly popular and we have offered: football, Tri-golf, rounders, athletics, Boxercise, gymnastics, rugby and Change4Life. Alongside this, Mr T has been offering a range of activities at break and lunchtimes to encourage the children to be active. To encourage everyone to participate, our elected Sports Crew have been promoting the school games values.