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Daily Challenges W/B 23.03.2020

Friday 27th March 2020 - Shadow puppets

Let’s get creative today with shadows! Mrs Bell has kindly provided this challenge and tested it out for you. Today we would like you to make and explore shadow puppets. Can you tell a story with your puppets and write a script for them to perform? You could also investigate how to make the shadows bigger and smaller. How do the shadows change when you put the puppets in the same place throughout the day? 



We would also love to play ‘guess the shadow’ with you. Here’s one that Mrs Bell has made to get you started… can you guess what her city scene is made from? 

We would love to hear your guesses and see your own creations at

We will give you the answer on Monday. Have good weekend and stay safe!


Thursday 26th March 2020 - Obstacle course

Let’s keep active today and make the most of the sunshine in the garden if you can. Create an obstacle course using things that you can find in your garden or around your home. Why not make things interesting by building a bit of hoovering or dusting as one of your obstacles? (You’re welcome, Parents/Carers!)


Time how long it takes you and your family to complete the whole course. Can you beat your time?

For maths links, compare and order times taken to complete your obstacle course. Can you convert between minutes and seconds? Year 6, can you find the average time taken? Think about how to present your results in a table or on a graph.


We look forward to seeing your obstacle courses and how you get on at !


Wednesday 25th March 2020 - Pencil pots

Wherever you are working, it is important to be organised! Today we would like you to design and make your own pencil pots. You can use the link below for instructions using twigs from the garden but we want you to be as creative as possible with this one. Have a go inside the house by finding items to make your pots looks fab!

Why not write an advertisement to market your pencil pots? For a maths challenge, estimate how many pencils your pot will hold before counting accurately to check.

We look forward to seeing your designs and end products at!



Tuesday 24th March - A letter of thanks

Have a good think about the people who help you in different ways and write them a letter to let one (or more) of them know how grateful you are. For a maths challenge, use this Royal Mail Price list to work out how much it would cost to send one or more letters across the world!

We look forward to seeing who you have decided to thank at


Monday 23rd March - Paper aeroplane challenge 

Design and make your own paper aeroplanes. Which design goes furthest? Do they fly faster indoors or in the garden? Measure how far they travel or write instructions for a friend on how to make one.