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Daily Challenges W/B 25.05.2020

Friday 29th May 2020 - Mrs Bell's Maths Challenge

How many different ways can you build 10? Think about using the Numicon blocks.

You are allowed to use as many blocks as you like.


You could use 10 ones  (1,  1,  1,  1,  1,  1,  1,  1,  1,  1)

You could use 1 five, 2 twos and 1 one  (5, 2, 2, 1) 


If you put the same blocks in a different order this does NOT count as a different method. (4, 3, 3) is the same as (3, 4, 3).


See if you can think of more than 20 different ways! Let us know how you get on at !


Thursday 28th May 2020 - Star jump challenge

Let's get active! 

See how many full star jumps you can do in 60 seconds. 

Can you beat your score?

How many can you do in 90 seconds?

Can you challenge a family member?


See if you can achieve bronze, silver or gold on the link below!


We'd love to see how you get on at !

Wednesday 27th May 2020 - STEM challenge

Super Seed Spinners - Find out more about how some seeds are dispersed.


As the weather is good, today we would like you to make a seed spinner and get outside, if you can, to test it out.

What happens if you add more weight? How does gravity affect seed dispersal?

For full instructions, see the links below.


Good luck!


Tuesday 26th May 2020 - Letter challenge

Following on from Mental Health Awareness week, Mrs Harrison's challenge today is to write a letter to someone who might appreciate a friendly message. Worcestershire Wellbeing Hub are running a campaign called ‘Kindness costs nothing and means everything’, where they would like you to send them uplifting letters which will then distributed with their food/care packages to somebody who needs it.


You could send a letter, picture or poem. It could be about anything that you think will cheer somebody up. As you won’t know the person receiving your letter, be careful not to include your full name or any other personal details.


Once you are ready, email your letters or a photo of just your picture (not you too) to and they will print and pass them on.


We would love to see what you send at !