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Daily Challenges W/B 27.04.2020

Friday 1st May 2020 - Board game challenge


Get creative with what you have around the home to make your own board game. Make sure that you agree the rules of your game before you start to play and that you use your Maths skills to help to plan it out. Maybe you could even find a prize for the winner (or loser does the washing up!).


Send us your pictures of your games and your family playing them at . We love hearing from you!





Thursday 30th April 2020 - Time machine challenge


It's time to use our imaginations! Write your own story set in a different time or place. Why not think about a time machine and where it could take you? What would it be like to live in one of the eras you have looked at in History lessons?


Year 5 and 6, why not write an entry for the Historical Association’s competition at: ?


Wednesday 29th April 2020 - Lava lamp challenge

Let's be Scientists today! Have a go at making your own DIY Lava Lamps! 

See the link below for full instructions. Let us know how they turn out at !

Tuesday 28th April 2020 - Reading Challenge


The weather is not so dry today so let's snuggle up with a book.


Where is the cosiest or most unusual place that you can curl up and enjoy a book? If you’re lucky, you may be able to relax to the sound of the rain as you do so.


For free ebooks linked to our reading scheme, take a look at


Don't forget to show us your best reading spots at !


Monday 27th March 2020 - The 2.6 Challenge

Sunday 26th April was supposed to be the 40th London Marathon. This year it has been postponed due to Coronavirus and many fundraising events for charities have been cancelled.

The 2.6 challenge was launched yesterday and the public has been asked to think of their own activities or challenge based around the numbers 2.6 or 26. Why not get involved and have a go yourself? All the information you need, including how to donate, can be found at .

Don't forget to share how you are getting on at !