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Early Help, Family Support and Organisation Information

Early Help

‘Early Help means providing support as soon as a problem appears, to stop it from getting worse. This could be at any point in a child's life, from birth to the teenage years.’


At Comberton Primary School we recognise the challenges that families face in bringing up children. There may be times when you need extra help and support. If this is the case, please come and talk to us.


Early help is not about passing the issue on to an expert, but thinking about what is the best support we can offer. We can provide effective support by:


There is a lot of information and advice on the Advice, Care, Health and Support pages as well as detail of local services that can provide support for children, young people and families.

Family Support worker

Our family support worker and deputy DSL is: Mrs Sarah Shelton



Mrs Shelton can help families and children with any difficulties they may be facing either in school or at home including advice on parenting, managing children's behaviour, friendships, stress and anxiety, financial difficulties, budgeting, family breakdown, internet safety, routines, family life and more.


Mrs Shelton can offer pastoral support and guidance to children promoting their wellbeing by working with parents/carers, school staff and making referrals to external agencies where appropriate.


Parents and carers can meet with Mrs Shelton to discuss any concerns they may have, both about school and in their family lives. Mrs Shelton can advise of local support agencies and courses available in Worcestershire. The children are encouraged to approach Mrs Shelton at any time in school if they feel in need of her support. Mrs Shelton is available some lunchtimes if they want to talk to her.


You can contact Mrs Shelton to make an appointment either by calling the school office, emailing her or contacting her on her work mobile or by approaching her at the school gates.



Telephone: 07423316132


Who else should I contact?

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and headteacher is: Mrs Deena Frost


Telephone: 01562 754704




The deputy head, SENCo and deputy DSL is: Mrs Jenny Phillips


Telephone: 01562 754704



    Early Help Worcestershire

    What is early help and family support?


    The Early Help Partnership offers a range of support and intervention to children, young people, and families who are experiencing difficulties.


    The Family Hub:


    Wyre Forest, Early Help Family Support

    Team contact number: 01905 846210

    Team email address:

    Starting Well

    Starting Well Partnership in Worcestershire


    Support is available to children, young people and families across the county, providing help during antenatal, post birth, and early years stages, and right throughout school life.

    Family Hubs are in each of our local districts and will offer family and parenting groups supporting all aspects of physical and mental well-being for children, young people and their families.  Starting Well will also work really closely with schools and other community groups supporting young people and parents.



    Financial Support

    Wellbeing Webinars

    Community Safety

    North Worcestershire Community Safety Partnership deliver a range of community safety initiatives whilst work alongside partner agencies to achieve the vision of keeping North Worcestershire a safer place to live, work and visit. Offering help and advice on: Anti-Social Behaviour, Child Sexual Exploitation, Online Safety, Drug and Alcohol, Domestic Abuse, Nominated Neighbour Scheme, Hate Crime, Home Security and the Safe Place Scheme. Collaboration of: Safer Bromsgrove, Safer Redditch and Safer Wyre Forest.


    Telephone: 01562 732928


    A local community network of trained volunteers and expert support helping families with young children through their challenging times.

    Homestart offers support for:

    • disability and illness
    • forces families
    • isolation
    • mental ill health and postnatal illness
    • money issues
    • twins, triplets and multiple children
    • when a relationship comes to an end

    Website: Homestart (opens in an new window)
    Website: Homestart make a referral (opens in a new window)


    Family Learning

    Family Learning courses are for parents and carers so they can support their child and family at home and  develop their own skills improving their health and wellbeing, improving their social interactions by making friends and engaging in a group, supporting them to find volunteer opportunities or  empowering them to progress to further accredited courses or into employment. Family Learning works closely with schools and communities to deliver courses that meet the needs of parents and carers. Our courses are free for anyone earning less than £17,000 per year or anyone unemployed and on benefits. Family Learning courses can be delivered in your school free of charge with no cost to the school.

    Facebook Account to follow to see new courses: @adultlearningworcestershire

    West Mercia Womens Aid


    • Specialist domestic abuse Helpline which is staffed 24/7
    • Refuges for women and children, and safe satellite accommodation
    • One-to-one support for people living in the local community
    • Specialist safety advice and advocacy by Independent Domestic Violence Advisors
    • Recovery and empowerment group programmes – delivered both online and in person
    • Advice and support for male victims
    • Ongoing peer support for survivors, through our Survivor Network
    • Individual and group programmes of support for children and for young people impacted upon by domestic abuse
    • Specialist support for young people experiencing teen relationship abuse



    Supporting Domestic Abuse

    Worcestershire Family Information Service (FIS)


    Worcestershire Family Information Service (FIS) advisors give impartial information on childcare, finances, parenting and education. FIS are a useful source of information for parents and professionals. They support families, children and young people aged 0-19 years of age (25 for young people with additional needs) and professionals working with these families. They can help link parents up with other organisations that might be able to help or provide the information themselves.


    Wyre Forest- Visit Brookside Family Hub - Starting Well for more information

    Mental Health

    CAMHS Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services provide a range of support services, with specialist mental health workers trained to work with mental health difficulties which are affecting day to day activities in children and young people across Worcestershire.
    Website: CAHMS (opens in a new window)


    CAMHS-SPA, where you can speak with a CAMHS clinician for advice. CAMHS-SPA triages all referrals and clinic appointments are made according to level of urgency and mental health need.
    Website: CHAMS-SPA (opens in a new window)
    CAMHS-SPA: 01905 768300


    Worcestershire Healthy Mind provides support to individuals aged 16 and over experiencing difficulties such as stress, anxiety, low mood and depression. This service offers a range of free confidential support including online therapy, groups and courses with the opportunity to share and learn from other people and 1.1. Healthy Minds also support individuals access resources which can complement the services they offer or may be deemed more appropriate.
    Website: Health Minds (opens in a new window)
    Telephone: 0300 3021313


    Reach 4 Wellbeing aims to promote positive wellbeing, reaching children and young people in their communities to reduce the stigma of mental health. They provide short-term group programmes for children and young people aged 5-18 experiencing mild to moderate anxiety and low mood, using cognitive behaviour therapy-based principles.
    Website: Reach 4 Wellbeing (opens in a new window)


    Relate Worcestershire

    They offer Relationship Counselling, Family Counselling, Sex Therapy and Children’s and Young People’s Counselling, Training and Education and Telephone/Webcam Counselling for children and families in need across Worcestershire.
    Website: Relate (opens in a new window)
    Telephone: 01905 28051


    Families First

    They offer support and guidance for the whole family, Families First workers can help families cope with the demands of having a partner or parent in prison.

    Examples of support may include:

    • advice and information
    • one to one support for children
    • support groups
    • signposting to other relevant services
    • finance and benefits information

    Website: Families First (opens in a new window)


    Website: Housing and care homes (Worcestershire County Council advice and guidance)


    Wyre Forest Night stop helps vulnerable young people by providing emergency accommodation homeless prevention, family mediation, life skills training and schools education.
    Website: Wyre Forest Night Stop (opens in a new window)


    It's often difficult to know what, if any, benefits you're entitled to. The Money Advice Service has a list of all the different types of benefits to help you to find out if you could be claiming something. There is also advice on what to do if your benefit changes and where to go to get help and advice about benefits.

    Website: Money Advice Service - Benefits (opens in a new window)

    The Department of Work and Pensions can also help you check if you qualify for certain benefits. It can also give you an idea of how much you may be able to get.

    Website: The Department for Work and Pensions (opens in a new window)



    Managing your money through a budget is a good way to make sure you don't go in to debt, and make your pounds go further. Put simply, a budget helps you see how much money you have coming in and how much you have to spend. The Money Advice Service has lots of advice and budget templates to help you draw up a budget that works for you.

    Website: Money Advice Service - Budgeting and managing money (opens in a new window)


    Debt and borrowing money

    It's easy to feel overwhelmed if you know you're struggling financially. There are lots of borrowing websites available now but you must be careful and make sure short-term loans don't cause you more money problems in the long run. The Money Advice Service has lots of information and advice around debt and borrowing money, including where to find free debt advisors to help you get back in control of your money.

    Website: Money Advice Service - Debt and borrowing (opens in a new window)

    Website: Citizens Advice (opens in a new window) support individuals by providing knowledge and confidence to move forward with problems they may be experiencing.

    Website: Two Pennies Money Advice (opens in a new window) offer local money advice for individuals having problems with debt in Worcestershire.
    Phone: 01905 27001

    Drugs and alcohol support

    Website: Drugs (Worcestershire County Council advice and guidance)

    Website: Alcohol (Worcestershire County Council advice and guidance)

    Cranstoun offer support for adults and young people who are using drugs and/or alcohol and who are experiencing more serious difficulties associated with using drugs and alcohol. Support is also available for individuals affected by someone else using drugs and/or alcohol


    Website: Cranstoun Worcestershire (opens in a new window)
    Telephone: 0300 303 8200

    Bereavement support

    The death of a loved one or close friend is one of the most difficult times in each of our lives. Whether this is expected, following a long term illness, or sudden and unexpected, the grieving process is deeply personal.


    Bereavement Support Worcestershire website provides information and links to organisations and services which may be able to offer support and assistance across a range of needs from practical activities to emotional support.

    North Worcestershire Bereavement Support offers bereavement support for adults in the Wyre Forest area of Worcestershire.

    Support for Ukraine families