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Get Involved

Get Involved!

The next few weeks are going to be very different. To keep us all active, engaged and learning we will be setting tasks or challenges which you can complete as a family. 


Once you have completed your task or challenge you can email us at to share your pictures, videos or diaries.

Our Weekly Challenge

Thank you for all of your input and engagement with 'Get Involved' so far! From this week (29.06.2020), our challenges will now be released weekly. You can complete them at any time in the week and extend them in any way you like. We would still love to see how you are getting on at !

Weekly Challenge - WB 13.07.2020

Time Capsule Challenge

Things have been very different to what we expected since March this year. 


For your final challenge this week, we would like you reflect over the last months and let us know how you have been spending your time. Perhaps you have learnt a new skill, or got to know a classmate better over video calls. Maybe you have been in School and got to know a new group of children, or have found somewhere new to explore when exercising with your family. 


Whatever you have been up to, and however you have been feeling about it, we would like to know. You can choose how to show us; it could be a poster, a song, a PowerPoint, a video or anything else you can think of! This will be something that you can look back on in the future to remember this very different time. 

We look forward to hearing from you at !


Thank you for all of your fantastic work and involvement with the 'Get Involved' page. We have loved hearing from you and sharing your experiences over the past few months. Take care and stay safe. 



Hello from Mrs Childs

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Hello Comberton!

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Jump Back July

Phoebe's Message and Song

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Alexia's Message

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A little message from us to you...

Mia & Mikey's Lava Lamp Challenge

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Washing your hands song

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Comberton Will Rock You

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We had a lot of fun producing our karaoke challenge version of Queen's "We Will Rock You" and would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the key workers keeping our country running. Please enjoy!

Let's keep mindful

We all need to continue to look after both our physical and mental health. Make time for this by trying these links…


Try ‘ Peace Out’ guided relaxations and the ‘Zen Den' at


Headspace for Kids has breathing exercises and even some focus-based meditation which are customised for different age groups:


Guided meditation:


There is also DfE advice for supporting well-being and mental health at this time:

Remember to update us with how you are getting on with these at