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Growing Garden

The growing garden is a work in progress. The journey began in April 2019 when the Eco Squad, the newly formed Gardening Club and many other children from across the school helped make the garden a space to grow veg once more. Children gave up some of their lunch playtime to dig, sieve and replace the soil in the raised beds ready for planting. It was hard work preparing the garden but it was worth it! Because, in May, the first seeds were planted. And now, in September some of the crops are ready for harvest (carrots, tomatoes and 🤞🏻 sweetcorn too) and others are maturing nicely (pumpkins and leeks). Watch this space to see how our growing garden develops - and what we do with our produce too!




Autumn Term 2019


Harvest time is upon us and it’s time for the growing garden to start winding down for winter.

Back to school - harvest time

Summer Term 2019


Wanting something fairly easy to grow, that the children would like, we settled on carrots, pumpkins and sweetcorn. Pumpkins and corn are traditional companion plants (according to Native American Indians). Some bargain tomato plants found their way to us and also a raspberry tree that we hope with a bit of nurture will treat us.