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Our values - perseverance, determination, collaboration, tolerance, respect, responsibility

Miss McIntyre's Class

What another exciting week! We have carved pumpkins and tasted pumpkin soup along with our homemade bread. Yummy! We talked about Bonfire Night and how firefighters were a long time ago. We sorted pictures from 1666 and the present day, learnt about the Great Fire of London and put our own fire by passing buckets of water along a line like they did back then! We created fireworks using chalk pens on black card and fingerprints with glitter after learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot. We played with the fire station, made fire engines using shapes, made rockets with shapes, used syringes to make art, looked at x-rays with magnifying glasses, looked at pictures of people who help us and thought about what we wanted to do when we were older.