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Our values - perseverance, determination, collaboration, tolerance, respect, responsibility

Miss McIntyre's Class

This week we learnt all about snails! We looked at the artwork of 'The Snail' by Henri Matisse and created our own, inspired by him. We also made snails using beads and pompoms, drew snails on Clicker Paint, used icing sugar to paint swirls, used inks on paper towelling to draw snails, read non-fiction books and found out lots of facts, created mosaic snails, made a snail on a leaf, printed using string on cardboard to create spirals, made tissue paper snails and snails out of play dough and drew snails using a sharpie and painted with watercolours. We even learnt how a snail's tongue has little spikes on it and that it shreds the leaves so it can eat them which led to us grating leaves too! What a great week!