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Welcome to Comberton Primary School


In all year groups, PSHE is taught both as a discreet subject and linked with others subjects. 

In Nursery and Reception, PSHE is taught within the EYFS areas of learning. As children begin school and get used to their new environment, circle time is used regularly to teach school rules and expectations.

PSHE and Citizenship is taught as a timetabled subject and is allocated 45 minutes to 1 hour per week. Children work through several planned themes throughout the year and these themes are approached in a variety of ways.  Teachers are encouraged to use circle time  as a context for responding to class or school wide issues that arise from time to time.

Our scheme includes visits from members of the local community who are asked to talk about  things such as their jobs, voluntary work, skills etc. These are can often be directly linked with one of our PSHE themes and enhance the learning for the children. Our children go on a range of school trips connected to the curriculum.