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Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs)


To develop your child’s fluency and mental maths skills, we are introducing Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) throughout school. 


KIRFs are designed to support the development of mental maths skills that underpin much of the maths work in our school. They are particularly useful when calculating, adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. They contain number facts such as number bonds and times tables that need constant practice and rehearsal, so children can recall them quickly and accurately.


Each half term, children will focus on a Key Instant Recall Fact (KIRF). Regular practice - little and often – helps children to retain these facts and keep their skills sharp. They are not designed to be a time-consuming task and can be practised anywhere – in the car, walking to school, etc. Throughout the half term, the KIRFs will also be practised in school and your child’s teacher will assess whether they have been learned.


We hope that you enjoy working alongside your child with this mathematics work. Should you have any questions about the KIRFs programme, please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher or Mrs Hartley.