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Welcome to Comberton Primary School and Nursery. Please contact the school office for a personalised tour of our wonderful school!


Kidderminster Primary School's Alliance


A joint partnership between Chaddesley Corbett Primary School, Comberton Primary School, Cookley Sebright Primary School, Offmore Primary School & St Catherine’s CE Primary School.


The aims of the partnership are:

To improve the outcomes in the key areas of teaching and learning, behaviour and well-being and achievement through:

  • Collaboration - the sharing of expertise, good practice, knowledge and data
  • Increased capacity - shared common policies and resources
  • Better opportunities for high quality professional development
  • Shared quality assurance - school to school visits and peer reviews
  • Moderation - ensuring assessment judgements are fair and accurate
  • Improved economies of scale  - e.g. bulk purchasing, shared costs


Benefits of the alliance

  • Sharing resources and provisions and expertise across the schools particularly for curriculum subject leadership,
  • Shared professional development for staff and the schools are able to build on established classroom approaches,
  • Allowing all staff to collaborate and improve standards in all schools (eg Metacognition work),
  • The cost effectiveness of shared work (such as CPD), makes previously unaffordable training accessible for all schools.


KPSA Events 2023 - 24 for Pupils

We have been pleased to work collaboratively through:

  • Cookley hosted Reading & Maths Competitions – May 2023
  • St Catherine’s led balance ability sessions with Reception classes across all 5 schools – June 2023
  • Offmore led an upper KS2 Football tournament – July 2023
  • Chaddesley organised an orienteering morning – September 2023
  • Musical theatre day at Comberton – November 2023


Upcoming events:

  • Cookley Reading & Maths Competitions – May 2024
  • St Catherine’s Arts Day – May 2024
  • Offmore sports tournament – July 2024

KPSA Maths Competition at Cookley Sebright

Four of our children from year 5 went to Cookley Sebright Primary School for a maths competition against our other KPSA schools.   The rounds were really challenging and meant that the children had to use their speedy mental arithmetic skills as well as apply these to solve problems.  Mrs Morris said that the children were a credit to our school and we are really proud that they came a fantastic 3rd place.

KPSA Choir Day at Comberton