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Come and see Comberton in action on Wednesday 11th October 2023 for our Open Day or join us at 6pm for a Q&A session. Contact the office for more information.

Meet the Staff

Who's Who At Comberton Primary School?

Find out who works at the school and what their roles are. If you would like to contact any members of staff please email the office and they will forward your message to the required person: 

Early Years




Teacher - Miss MacKelvie,

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Keeling, Mrs Bradbury,




Teachers - Miss McIntyre & Mrs Patel

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Bates, Miss Bowen, Miss Tilt



Key Stage 1


Year 1


1RB - Miss Haycocks

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Hull, Miss Harris, Mrs Rowberry


1SW - Mrs Waters

Teaching Assistants - Miss Levell, Mrs Lewis, Mrs Dainty


Year 2

2HL - Miss Lewis,

Teaching Assistants - Miss Hollick, Miss Harris


2LH - Mrs Heath

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Dusconi, Mrs Sandell



Key Stage 2


Year 3


3CF - Mrs Fox,

Teaching Assistant - Miss Parker



3AF - Miss Fairhurst

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Crowley



Year 4

4JW - Mrs Wassell

Teaching Assistant - Miss Price


4RI - Mrs Ilyas

Teaching Assistants - Miss Knight, Miss Harris


Year 5


5JM - Mrs Morris

Teaching Assistant - Miss Goddard


5KH - Mrs Bennett

Teaching Assistant - Miss Baines



Year 6

6TP - Miss Poyner

Teaching Assistant - Miss Taylor


6CJ - Miss Jeavons, 

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Bell, Mr Tierney



Learning Hub

Teacher - Mrs Astill

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Whyley





Sports Teaching Assistant

Mr Tierney

Office and Premises Staff




Mrs Broadbent, Miss Knowles, Miss Whitehouse and Mrs Shinton





Family Support Worker                                                Site Manager       

Mrs Shelton                                                             Mr Carter




Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs Jennings, Miss Gallagher, Mrs Delo,  Mrs Thomas, Miss Bishop, Miss Crew and Mrs Moore