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Comments from the Autumn 2023 Playleaders: 


"The best part is being with the younger years." 


"I enjoyed meeting the younger ones." 


"It was nice knowing you are helping someone." 


"I like playing and meeting with the children." 


"The best part is making them have fun." 


"I like having fun with the children." 


"The best part was being nice and caring for everyone." 


"I enjoyed being able to make them happy and have an enjoyable breaktime." 


"I enjoyed every part of it." 

"I enjoyed making the little ones happy and making them laugh." 


94% of the children said that playleading had developed their leadership qualities. 
81% of the children said that it is a privilege to be a playleader. 

94% of the children said playleading was fun. 

88% of the children said they enjoyed being a playleader. 

Playleader activities, led by our Year 6 pupils, take place at 12.30pm each day and last for 30 minutes (until 1.00pm) - all pupils in Years 1 to 3 are welcome to join in.


Currently, we have 20 YR6 children trained to be playleaders. They all took part in training led by WFSSP in January 2024. They have used their knowledge and skills to provide games for the younger children to engage in.