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Remote Learning

Remote Learning provision


Accessing Seesaw

All children have been provided with their individual QR code/text code login. If you do not have this, please contact your year group email or the school office as soon as possible. Seesaw is best accessed via a tablet, laptop or PC. If access to a device or internet access within the home proves difficult within your household, again, please contact school.


What will be set?

You are being set lessons every day which follow on from each other. Please do each of these in all subjects (as you would in school!) Doing just the odd lessons on certain days will mean skills will not be progressed, and further lessons will become trickier as you will have gaps in your learning.

We do not have a set expectation of when you complete each lesson. Everyone’s situations are different; some of you may be sharing devices with siblings or parents, it might work better to get things done later in the day, or you may find it easier to spend longer working on certain days to cover previous tasks. As long as tasks are done in order, we are happy for you to work out your own ‘school timetable’ to best suit you.

The ‘teaching content’ of your lessons (the things that you have to watch or listen to before completing tasks) are really important, which is why we are working this way rather than just sending out packs of work. 


How do I respond and what feedback will be given?

Responses to tasks should be uploaded to Seesaw (teachers will make it clear how to respond in the instructions given with each task). This may be through typing a response, photographing work or editing a document/worksheet. Feedback will then be given by member of staff from the year group. Contact from staff will also be made via telephone. 


Finally, we would like to make it clear that over these coming weeks it is statutory that all pupils must still receive an education, whether that be in school or remotely. We will work closely with families to ensure that all pupils can access this, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any difficulties you are having.

We are here to help! Please email your year group emails or ring the school office if you have any questions.