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Our values - perseverance, determination, collaboration, tolerance, respect, responsibility


This term our focus will be on how we treat each other under the theme of ‘Equality, Respect and Kindness’.


As part of this, we will be discussing with the children what it means to be respectful and kind, how we show kindness and tolerance to each other and to reflect on the words we use when speaking to each other.


Themes which we will be discussing with the children will be that of equality and discrimination, how we show respect to others and the language we use. We will also be exploring how words can cause upset to others and that differences on the grounds of race, religion, gender, disability or family circumstances should be celebrated.


We will be making it explicit to our children that words which can cause offence to others about their appearance, skin colour, friendships or characteristics will not be tolerated and we hope you will support this message at home.


Finally, we will be sharing key messages from our behaviour and peer on peer abuse policies such as:


  • Your behaviour should mean that others feel safe, accepted, respected, can focus on learning and enjoy positive relationships.


  • Peer on peer abuse will not be tolerated or passed off as part of “banter” or “just having a laugh”.


We will also be participating in activities to support anti-bullying week (from Monday 16th November) and National Kindness Day (Friday 13th November).


Further information for parents can be found at: