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At Comberton, our children are taught phonics using the Read Write Inc. phonics programme. It is systematic and structured and provides children with the skills that they need to read well so they can progress to reading to learn for the rest of their lives.



Speed Sounds

Children are taught the speed sounds in a set order. Each sound has a rhyme and a picture to help children remember them.



Children begin by learning all of the single letter sounds. They are then introduced to sounds made up of 2 or more letters. These are called 'Special Friends'. Children are taught that these sounds must be pure. Watch the video below to help support your child in making pure sounds. 

Speed Sound Charts

These are displayed in classrooms throughout the school to support with reading and writing. 


Fred the Frog


Fred the frog helps the children to learn to read. Fred can only read in sounds. He needs the help of the children to blend the sounds together, for example    c-a-t becomes cat. It is really important to practise oral Fred Talk with your child as early and as regularly as you can to help them learn the skills of blending. Here are a few examples you could try:
Put on your c-oa-t.

Put that in the b-i-n.

Get your sh-oe-s. 


Fred can also help with spelling. The children learn to spell using Fred fingers, pinching each sound onto each of their fingers. 


Phonics Screening Check

The Phonics Screening Check is a national test that is administered to children in Year 1. The check is is made up of 40 words that are a mix of real and nonsense words. It has been designed to confirm whether individual children have learnt sufficient skills in phonic decoding and blending for their age. Any children who do not meet the standard will be re-tested in Year 2.