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Read Write Inc
Our children in Early Years and Key Stage One are benefiting from a curriculum supported by Read Write Inc. This is a literacy programme where children learn to read rapidly. It is systematic and structured and provides children with the skills that they need to read well so they can progress to reading to learn for the rest of their lives.



Fred the Frog
Fred the frog helps the children to read and spell. Fred cannot read words he can only read sounds so when children are faced with new words you can ask them to ‘Fred talk’ the word, for example, c-a-t. It is important when children sound out that they use pure sounds so please refer to the videos that we have added links to for guidance on this.  Fred can also help with spelling and the children will be used to the term ‘Fred fingers’. The children can say the word out loud and then press the sounds onto their fingers.


Speed Sounds

Children will be taught the speed sounds. Please take the time to have a look at both the simple and the complex speed sounds chart. If you would like one of these from school please let your class teacher know. The sounds are split into three sets and children will work their way through these systematically. Children will move on to new sounds once they have a firm knowledge of the sound they have learnt. Continual reviewing of previous sounds is built into the programme. Children will learn these sounds and have them embedded fully before they are expected to read them in a book. There is a clear message in Read Write Inc. that we ‘set the children up to succeed’.