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Welcome to Comberton Primary School

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Hello from Miss Wilkinson and Miss Jeavons


We hope you are all safe and well in what are definitely strange times for us all.  As you will already know, we are the Year 5 teachers and will be supported by Mrs Gormusoglu and Mrs Price. Mrs Bennett will also be working with us in Year 5, and will help support different groups of children across the year group.


I’m sure most of you know us already, and I hope like us, you are looking forward to returning to school in September and getting back to some kind of normality. We have been busy preparing our classrooms and planning all of the exciting things we will be learning.


As our normal transition afternoons have been unable to happen this year, we wanted to share some things with you so that you feel prepared for when we meet. Most of our routines are very similar to those you would have had in Year 4 so don’t worry.


We will be based in the Year 5 mobile classroom and will meet you on your first day outside this area. In the mornings, Year 5 children will usually wait on the top playground until the bell sounds and then you’ll walk sensibly in through the main mobile entrance ready to hang up your coat and bag. Children should be dropped off and collected from outside the Year 5 mobile by an adult. They will be unable to walk home without an adult until a permission letter has been signed. This will be issued in the first half term.


As we are limited with space in the mobiles, we ask that you support us by ensuring we maximise the space, as much as possible. Therefore, we are asking that you only bring with you a coat, and that anything else is brought in a drawstring bag (lunch box and reading book and reading journal). 


We have found that rucksacks can be too big and bulky for this area so we request that you do not have these in school with you. We will supply you with a plain drawstring bag free of charge on the first day back (we have an assortment of colours) but you can buy a sportier one if you want. We are not supplying water bottles so you need to bring a drink of water in with you for throughout the day.


Full P.E kit will now be worn to school on your designated P.E day, so there will be no need to change at school.


In the autumn term we have lots of interesting topics to study. In history you will be learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and how these different tribes invaded Britain. If you prefer Science, we will be finding out, through a range of scientific experiments, the properties of different materials and how this will define their purpose. In PE we will start with Outdoor Adventurous Activities, and we also might be lucky enough to be one of the first year groups to try out the ‘Outdoor Gym’ which is being installed over the summer. In English, we will start with James and the Giant Peach and in Maths we will begin with Place Value and will work on ensuring we have the core Year 4 mathematical skills to build on in Year 5.

(We wonder how many other Roald Dahl books you will have read by September?)


At Comberton, we really value the power of reading and how reading will help you to ‘magpie’ new vocabulary, figurative language and story ideas, to become a confident and skilled writer. You will be issued with a reading journal, where you will be able to record your reflections about the books you have read. In order for you to benefit from this, we would like to see that you have read at least three times a week and ask that an adult signs the record to confirm this has been completed.


Year 5 homework is set every Thursday and is returned to school each Tuesday. We also value the importance of homework as a tool to practise the skills taught during the week. Therefore, if your homework is not completed at home, we will give you an opportunity to complete it during a lunchtime.  Most of the daily routines are the same as you will have had in Year 4 so I hope you find this reassuring. In Year 5 we usually set for Maths but at the moment we are unsure if this will be able to happen straight away, so for the first few weeks at least, we will stay as a class for all lessons.


We understand that our experiences during our time at home will all look very different. However, we would like to set you all a challenge so that in September we can all say ‘I tried something new.’ You may have already tried something new, whether this was taking up a new hobby (sewing, drawing, web meetings with your friends) or you may have discovered a place to walk that you have never been to before. Or maybe you’ve learnt about something new? Are there any other new things you could try during the summer break? We can share our ‘new things’ in September!


We're really looking forward to ‘getting back to normal’ in the autumn and can’t wait to hear everything you’ve been up to whilst you’ve been away. Please don’t worry about anything; we are aware you have been away from school for a long time and it is our job to help you settle back in and get back on track with school work.


We hope this helps to answer any questions you may have, but if you do have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at and we'll try our best to answer them.

Have a lovely summer and we look forward to seeing you in September.


Miss Wilkinson and Miss Jeavons

Polar Express Day - We scratched away the stickers to reveal a positive quality about ourselves.

Polar Express Day - We each decorated a carriage to create a class Polar Express.

Polar Express Day - We made Polar Express Christmas cards for our friends and family.

Bayeux Tapestry - We worked in pairs to create our own sections of the Bayeux Tapestry showing key events from 1066.

Remembrance Day 2020

Some of the activities we enjoyed last year in Year 5

Key Information

  • You will need to come dressed in your PE kit on Mondays.
  • On your first day back please remember: a clean drinks bottle filled with water and a ‘can do’ attitude!
  • Homework is given out on a Thursday and due back the following Tuesday however we expect that children read regularly and practise key skills such as spellings, number bonds and timetables as often as they can.
  • Please ensure any money sent into school is in a sealed, named envelope.

Dates for your diary

We look forward to welcoming you back to school on Thursday 3rd September.

Extra work at home
If you would like to complete some extra activities when you;re not at school, visit Twinkl where you can enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS to get free access.


The DfE has also created a list of useful websites which can be found at:


Also, please continue to make use of websites which your child has a personalised login for, such as NumbotsTT RockstarsActivelearn and Education City.