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Come and see Comberton in action on Wednesday 11th October 2023 for our Open Day or join us at 6pm for a Q&A session. Contact the office for more information.

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is a bespoke learning space for a small group of identified children in years 4, 5 and 6. The children are allocated space on need, where it is considered that they will flourish and learn more successfully within a smaller, more nurturing environment.


How we work:

The Learning Hub is designed to teach the whole child, promoting a happy, safe environment, where each child will be helped to grow in confidence and independence, as well as learn key skills at their level in reading, writing and maths. Lessons are taught in shorter bursts to help maintain focus and attention. Social skills are modelled and school values promoted, with particular focus on our three most important words: ready, respectful and safe. The children attend morning lessons in The Hub and then return to their class for afternoon lessons with carefully planned support to aid a successful transition.  Our aim for all pupils is to ultimately be able to access all learning in their mainstream classroom and provide them with the skills and strategies to cope successfully in the world beyond school. 

Teaching Staff
Mrs Astill (class teacher)
Mrs Whyley (teaching assistant)
Mr Tierney (teaching assistant sports)

Our Values

The Zones of Regulation are used to help teach each child about their emotions and how to cope
with their feelings. We value all emotions and talk about strategies to help regulate the children
when times are challenging.